French Press Brazil Glass

Size: 0.35L
Sale price$28.99


The BRAZIL French Press coffee maker, designed in the early 80's, was BODUM’s first French Press, and quickly became a symbol of what BODUM stands for today: functional design at an affordable price.

The BRAZIL coffee maker uses premium quality borosilicate glass for the carafe and a reusable stainless steel filter to extract the full flavor from your precious beans. Its lightweight, BPA-free plastic body, handle, and lid look stylish while provide ease of use.

Combining affordable design with a simple, environmentally friendly brewing system, the BRAZIL French press coffee maker offers everybody the chance to appreciate one of life’s great pleasures: a delicious cup of coffee!

BRAZIL French press brews an excellent cup of coffee in the greenest way possible, just add course ground coffee, hot water and press. No paper filters or plastic cups are needed.

Available in 3 sizes and spare glass beakers are available for purchase.

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