French Press Columbia Stainless Steel

Size: 0.5L
Sale price$99.99


Plunge into piping hot coffee that’s bursting with flavor, courtesy of the COLUMBIA insulated coffee maker. Part of Bodum’s iconic French press brewing system, this innovative coffee maker blends simplicity of brewing with purity of taste, while its unique double-wall construction ensures your coffee stays hotter for longer.

In four short minutes, the COLUMBIA coffee maker turns water and coarsely ground beans into rich, full-bodied coffee. But its insulated, double-wall design ensures that your brew stays hot for up to two hours. So you can enjoy a long, leisurely breakfast without needing to brew twice.

Thanks to Bodum’s stylish design, the COLUMBIA looks as good as your coffee tastes. Its stainless steel body has been molded to perfection with sophisticated curves, while its durable chrome finish conceals scratches and fits into any vintage or modern kitchen.

The silicone and mesh plunger that prevents scratching, offers a more complete filtration, and reduces sediment. The COLUMBIA boasts an easy-grip, cool-touch handle that’s a pleasure to hold and pour.

Environmentally friendly method of brewing – no paper filters or plastic capsules required.

Dishwasher safe available in 3 sizes.

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