Cheese Plane - Stainless Steel

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The Swissmar stainless steel cheese plane features a beautifully elegant design, perfect for shaving off even, consistent slices of cheese such as cheddar, Swiss or Monterey jack. The shape of this knife makes it easier to get perfect slices every time, while its sharp blade slices easily through most types of cheese. With the forged construction for additional strength, the cheese plane by Swissmar is truly a functional and practical choice for your kitchen. These cheese planes also feature very attractive stainless steel handles which are very strong and durable, yet light-weight. 

Product Features
  • Cheese plane is perfect for slicing cheddar, swiss, or monterey jack, but can easily slice through most cheeses
  • Perfect tool for shaving off even, consistent cheese slices
  • One-piece stainless steel construction – hollow handles
  • Total length is 22.5cm
  • Gift boxed

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