Pancake Turner Silicone

Sale price$14.99


Use this Flexible Silicone Pancake Turner to flip anything delicate and precious on your pan. Crafted in the ideal size for flipping half-cooked pancakes, this generous turner will also do a great job with turning delicious burgers, omelette or fish. Thanks to the flexible edges of this silicone pancake turner, you can ensure no more wrinkling or tearing apart fragile food.
  • Generous pancake turner perfect for flipping pancakes, omelettes, burgers, and fish fillets
  • Designed with a wide, slotted head and thin, flexible edges to glide easily under delicate food while keeping them intact
  • Made of flexible stainless steel that is bonded with heatproof silicone
  • Soft, non-slip grip handle make it ergonomic and comfortable to use every time
  • Safe for use with non-stick cookware

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