Precision Pocket Digital Scale

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This precision scale has a total capacity of 16oz/500g. Typically, these small scales weigh in grams only and rarely up to a full pound, making this one great for portion control and dieting. This self-storing scale comes with a snap-on lid that doubles as an extended weighing tray with side walls to hold ingredients. The stainless steel measurement platform is easy to clean when not using the tray. Two-button control keeps the functions simple. Whether you're measuring fresh or dried herbs, food for dietary portions, loose teas, or small amounts of baking ingredients this scale is sure to be a kitchen/household staple. You'll get addicted to the portability and accuracy!

  • Smart and compact; dual-purpose cover/weighing tray
  • 16 oz / 500 g capacity weighing in ultra-precise 0.001 oz / 0.01 g increments
  • Stainless steel weighing platform can be used without the tray
  • 0.5" reverse LCD readout
  • Auto shut off and tare features
  • Two AAA batteries included

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