Stainless Steel Hawthorne Bar Strainer

Sale price$6.99


It has a stamped stainless steel body and spring with four ears to secure it to the top of your cocktail shaker.

There are a variety of bar strainers to choose from, each with their own purpose. Please note: not all bar strainers are created equal. Hawthorne bar strainers specialize in keeping ice and larger particles out of your shaken drinks, such as a martini. It is outfitted with a wider spring, which in turn gives the user the ability to change up the degree to which things are strained (e.g. fully-open position, half-open position, and so-on).

      • Hawthorne-style strainer
      • Stamped stainless steel body; four ears
      • Made for straining ice and larger bits out of shaken drinks

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