Rolling Pin

Size: 13"
Sale price$39.99


  • Two handles provide grip
  • Ball bearings make rotation easy
  • Hardwood design ensures durability

If you're searching for some high-quality bakeware to help you prepare various types of dough, perfect pastries, and more delectable dishes, you're in luck: the Browne Heavy-Duty Wood Rolling Pin has everything you're looking for.

This sturdy hardwood rolling pin comes with two handles, one on each end, so you can easily grip it while you roll out your dough. Within your Browne Heavy-Duty Wood Rolling Pin, you will also find some ball bearings. These ball bearings make it easy for you to rotate the rolling pin smoothly and precisely, so you can perfectly roll your dough out to the exact thickness you require.

Additionally, the solid hardwood design of this premium rolling pin makes it extra durable for all your culinary needs while ensuring that it will remain in perfect shape for many years to come. The 2 3/4" diameter of the Browne Heavy-Duty Wood Rolling Pin also means that it's suitable for preparing a huge variety of dishes, making this rolling pin the perfect baking tool for any kind of restaurant, café, or deli.

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