Rotary Cheese Grater - Stainless Steel

Sale price$29.99


Hand-crank cheese grater for fine grinding of hard cheese, nuts, and chocolate. The drum is open on the side opposite the crank to sprinkle gratings over food. Stainless steel grating drum locks into place and can be removed for easy washing.

  • Classic Rotary Cheese Grater works quickly and easily!
  • Perfect for grating or grinding Parmesan, other hard cheeses, chocolate, and nuts
  • Grater is made of dish-washer safe, high-quality 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • Stainless-steel grating drum locks safely in place, but can be easily removed fast clean up.
  • Grater Drum opens on the side opposite the crank so you can sprinkle ground cheese directly on food.
  • Restaurant style table-side cheese grater

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