Stainless Steel Pot Strainer

Sale price$14.99


  • Life in the kitchen is easier when you use the right tool for the task. We've custom-designed this stainless steel Pan Pot Strainer, easy draining of pastas, veggies, spaghetti and more without the hassle of pulling out a bulky colander.
  • EASE OF USE: Unique design pasta strainer pot strainer with two large recessed grips on either side keeps hands away from hot water. Closed spaced holes ensure rapid, efficient draining. Suitable for all pot SIZES up to 10 inch diameter.
  • COMPACT STORAGE: One-piece formed makes it more elegant, full Traceless design has the advantages of high intensity, durability and abrasion resistance, safety and reliability. Great for people that like to save space and keep the kitchen clean.

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