Whitewater Cooks #2: At Home by Shelley Adams

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In the sleepy hamlet of Nelson, BC, on the edge of Kootenay Lake, snuggled amidst the peaks of the Selkirks, the locals hear the mountain calling. Raising their hands to the sky, they ask "Please sir, can we have some more?". The good citizens of Nelson have an insatiable appetite for fresh tracks in all forms, as demonstrated by their overwhelming support of "Whitewater Cooks – Pure, Simple and Real Creations from The Fresh Tracks Cafe". 

The unheralded popularity of "Whitewater Cooks", since its release in the fall of 2005, has caused a rash of strange activity in this Kootenay Shangri-la. The Nelson City Police have been called out on several occasions to break up disputes at potluck dinners, over whose favourite dish "Whiskey Smoked Salmon Chowder" really is, or who has brought the best "Summit Salad with Roasted Sunflower Vinaigrette". School principles have had to break up playground skirmishes over whose mom makes the best "Whitewater Granola Bars", or whose dad makes the best "Runaway Train Wrap". 

In response to this alarming turn of events, we seek to rescue the city's social sphere and ensure that dinner parties, potlucks, beach barbecues, and lunchboxes will be refreshed with this stunning new collection of our personal favourites for the home cook. 

These recipes, like snowflakes, each one unique, each one dancing out of the heavens to melt on our tongues - have been gathered with love from friends, family, local celebrities and the recipe collection from the Fresh Tracks Cafe to ensure that for years to come... Whitewater cooks at home. Bon appetite. 

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