Whitewater Cooks #1: From the Fresh Tracks Cafe

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Until now the gourmet recipes made famous at Whitewater were as unattainable as a snowflake in July. 

So guarded were some of the ingredients that employees had to swear an oath of secrecy before being allowed in or out of the kitchen. 

After a mind-blowing powder run through Catch Basin, Terra Ratta, or Sproulers, many a snow-encrusted skier has stumbled into the lodge and ploughed into a piece of heaven like a Ymir Curry Bowl or Whiskey Smoked Salmon Chowder from Whitewater's extensive gourmet menu at the Fresh Tracks Cafe. "For the love of God," they moan in ecstasy, "You must give me the recipe". 

 "Fresh Track Cafe at Whitewater Winter Resort has been honoured as the best at any Canadian resort by Ski Canada magazine several years in a row. Now our guests can take Whitewater Cooks away and enjoy Shelley's eclectic, healthy, and very tasty recipes at home." – Anne Pigeon, Whitewater Winter Resort

"The heart and soul of a happy community shine through in this delicious cookbook." – Barbara-Jo McIntosh, Barbara-Jo's Books to Cooks

"Shelley has the refreshing ability to put together delicious meals without the complicated techniques they usually require. Honest food with bright flavours – it doesn't get more satisfying than this." – Caren McSherry, Gourmet Warehouse & Global TV

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